Segway Visibility


The new Segway SE-Patroller is here, contact us for details.The Segway Patroller’s base adds 8″ of height. Unlike when seated in a patrol car or on a bicycle, officers can oversee a larger area and be seen, which conveys a strong police presence and helps to deter crime.

Segway Patrol Mobility


Our Patrol Vehicles have a zero turn radius. It enhances mobility and enables officers to complete patrol duties in between cars and seamlessly move with the rider making going in and out of doors intuitive. The vehicles also travel faster than walking giving riders a faster response time. Secure your campus. Contact Ray at 713-874-7164

Segway are Electric


Zero-emissions are given off during operation, allowing you to go indoors with your patrol vehicle. It does draw electric power during recharge, but that electricity causes fourteen times less greenhouse gas emissions than driving a car.

SegwaylogoToday, more than 1,500 police and public safety organizations across the globe have deployed Segway Patrollers. The Segway Patroller is embraced by this market because it is a valuable tool that allows officers to create innovative community policing programs and patrol all sorts of indoor and outdoor environments while better connecting with the citizens and communities they serve.

Why Choose Us

  • We service and provide factory warranty for what we sell.
  • Be more productive and use less energy.
  • Cover more ground and create fewer emissions.
  • Get more done and take up less space.
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Security Patrol in Action